6 Great, Tried and Tested UX Research Techniques

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When you turn on this page you must be thinking about having some research on UX  that lets you land on this page.UX Research is about finding insights to guide successful Designs. When you are a good UX Researcher can give the best solution because you can research exactly what a person needs in the project. UX researchers often begin with qualitative measures, to determine users’ motivations and needs. Later, they might use quantitative measures to test their results. 

You may be wondering which technique most let you provide the best appropriate result then look no worry because we are providing you some useful and tested research techniques and why we use that technique in detail. We listed “ 6 excellent technique” which provide real meaning to your UX projects so let us look them how they work-

1. Sorting Cards

Sorting of cards considered to be a Technique which came to known before the term UX Research it was just a simple concept, you write the phrases on the card and then ask the user to categorize them and label their categories according to the physiology this is the way they

UX research Card Sorting - TDi

founded it to be a great Information Architecture(IA) that they are landing to the right direction for their new product. Using these sorting card techniques where choosing the right card is very important. Better still, there are a bunch of online tools that let you do card sorting remotely now – allowing you to use the technique globally and not just locally.

Why is card sorting considered to be a good technique?

  • A very cheap form of research, where online tools can be more expensive, where else here it needed a partial face to face interaction.
  • A very easy technique to be understood by both users and clients.
  • An easy method to get user input for starting it earlier on UX projects.
  • It requires no efforts other than preparing for sorting.


You cannot always keep the eye on the clients who are working for you but we all are considered about how determinant are they regarding their work, here the term exactly means is keeping eye on the users and can identify that t whether they are focused on their work or not either they are looking to the system and how much prioritized to the work. This technique comes to the moment when it was developed especially for Medical Research and has become most popular with cost-effectiveness so it can be deployed by UX-Team.

UX research - TDi

Why eye movement tracking is a good 


  • The technology far away now is affordable, it does not require for all the projects but won’t
  • break your limit for a bank.
  • The technology is now reliable enough for results to be easy to reproduce and for researchers to be able to rely on the outputs.
  • It is an effective method that is loved by clients and being impressed they are moving ahead for the other technology of usability testing.

3. Expert Review

Hereby using “expert” means a person who is checking our product using the User interface (UI) and is looking to find if any bug or error is being founded during the design, accessibility, and usability of the product. The reviewer should be expertise as his role name and must have enough knowledge about usability and UX designs because they are not having a serialize checking methods for product to the product they can just check and analyze it so how the inputs are given the more valuable result is to be obtained. They must include ethnographic research, interviews, and observations, plus contextual inquiry. With this, they should have excitement to know about really anything that is why they are called Researchers.

Why is an expert review of a good technique?

  • It is a quick, easy, cheap, and doubled when you apply the usability testing methods.
  • It requires a  single person to professionally conduct the review.
  • It is a great way to inform further UX research and caution should be used in taking an expert review at face value without further user testing.


The Ultimate purpose of usability testing is to keep observing the task that users are carrying out for the product. It can deal with the different tasks sometimes with the designing, from the user interfaces for a physical product, and keeps continuing this process until the project is not released. This firm has its history in UX Research.

But why usability is considered to be a good technique:

  • “A usability test is producing a specific result that leads us to a specific outcome result”, still it turns very hard for people to contradict a result on a contradicted test where when a person test it is impossible to match the behavioral testing than contradicted testing.
  • It helps in cheering up the enthusiasm of the clients easily as it is interactive. We can bring out the customers so they can have a look by themself and help us in building their trust.
  • We cannot bring the best result when someone is watching out for you and keep an eye, yes you need a good representative other than just constraint.

5. Remote Usability

The usability testing needs to drag its implementation with the laboratories and its fairly is simpler to possibly set up with the reasonable value of money. Sometimes many complex testing cases can overcome us so it becomes easier to have some types of equipment on the action.

Why are remote testing techniques good?

  • It saves our time and money when you do not need to go into the lab with numbers of participants.
  • The results are tested in the user’s environment not carried out for an artificial lab, which may provide us a better result in many cases than a lab.

6. A User ideal or User Personas

This is a person whose representation is regarded as an “ideal user” they focus on the goal of which they come up with the requirement by the customers, They also examine what the user expects from the product. User personas are created from other forms of user research and thus offer an in-depth real-life vivid portrait that is easy for the whole team to keep in mind when designing products. User personas have a name and a backstory. They inspire the imagination and keep the focus on the user.

Why did the user persona consider a good technique?

  • They are the oldest profile and can give in-depth knowledge about how users have a specific look.
  • They are easy for people to relate to because they are the person who is constantly spoken about during the project.
  • Easy to engage.

There are many research techniques but if you implement the above techniques you may offer valuable input to your UX projects. So which is your favorite technique?

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