Degree in UX Stuff or pure fluff?

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In the past few years, UX awareness has increased among the people of India and many universities have started their Bachelor’s & Master’s program in UX (User Experience). People come from various fields into User Experience design like Computer Science, Arts & Design, Psychology.

But, it is still a question with many UX aspirants that weather to go for a degree program or just the certification is enough? Most asked question on Quora.

You can have a wonderful career in the field of user experience without a degree in a related area of study.

Adrian Howard

What is a Degree?

A degree is a piece of paper that defines your qualification. People believe that it is really important to have degree to get a good paying job. But is it so?

In India, you must have often heard your parents and teachers emphasizing the need for having a professional degree in the field you want to pursue your career. However, from the past decade or so, it is no longer a norm. A lot of new employers prefer knowledge and skills over a piece of paper.

Degree in UX Stuff or pure fluff?

The stamp doesn’t count in design, one’s work does.

Somebody said this.. If you know who please share with us for credits.

A degree or a certificate isn’t going to magically get you respect, make you employable, get you on the speaker circuit, cure acne, or make you more attractive to the love of your life. A degree is not going to instantly improve your UX skills. 

In India, where people first graduate from college and then think about what they want to do in life. I can quote my own example here. I have done a bachelor in chemical engineering, worked in the service industry for a few years, and finally I am a UX Writer as I discovered my passion. Many people don’t even know what UX Writing exactly is. Same happens with many UX designers.

More Practical then Theoritical

Changes in the field of technology and design happen much faster than the colleges can evolve. For this reason, all of the designers that I know, whether they attended college or not, are self-taught or learnt under a mentor. Design is a creative field but with the principle of scientific and logical thinking. There is no need for a lot of technical knowledge or theories.

UX is practical learning

In the design realm all over the world, what is respected is – skills, process, problem – solving, and results. If you can show your method and journey well in your portfolio with all the parameters intact, it doesn’t matter if you did a diploma, undergrad, or a post-grad or nothing.

Employers are looking for UX Designers who can solve the problems using UX principles and experience first and above all. This is all that matters in the design field – A good experience. The way a designer can put the design theory into application and can come up with solutions is the thing which only lots and lots of practice can do that.


Every design problem brings an opportunity to discover something. It’s your ability as an individual, to grasp new subjects and apply your knowledge to the wide variety of design problems that will take your forward as a designer. What you need is comprehensive training under professional designers, and experience on real projects.

However, that doesn’t mean a degree is useless. If you do wish to do a BDes in India, then stick to the top colleges like NID & IITB being the best followed by the like of Shrishti and so on.

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