Futurescape – 100% Free UI Components designed in Sketch

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Designed to save you time

Futurescape is free UI components designed in Sketch. Fully customizable, pixel perfect, and based upon bootstrap framework.

100% Free and Customisable

Futurescape UI Components

What is Futurescape?

Futurescape is a collection of UI components designed with precision and with real aesthetics in mind. It has been designed in the sketch app and comes with UI-specs for developers.

Default artboard size is A4 size to allow printing for all corporate designers who require to file everything or seek approval of higher authorities. Please feel free to download and customize according to your brand requirements.

Available Components of UI

  • Textbox
  • TextArea
  • DateTimePicker
  • Checkbox
  • Button
  • Radio Button
  • Dropdown (Simple)
  • Dropdown (Multi-Select)
  • Button (Simple)
  • Wizard (With Icons)
  • Wizard (With Numbers)
  • One-Way Slider
  • Two-Way Slider
  • Slider (One-Way w/ Multiple Zones)
  • Table (Bordered)
  • Table (Borderless)
  • Toaster (Normal, Primary & Danger)
  • Alert Box (Information & Danger)
  • Pagination Buttons
  • Progress Bar (Normal, Disabled & Danger)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Wells
  • Panels

What Futurescape is NOT?

Futurescape is not theme or brand guideline. It is a collection of UI components that look well together and have been designed keeping real-world applications in mind .

Why Futurescape?

Futurescape has been designed keeping design, development, and scalability in mind. It will allow designers to use ready-made components in their designs and quickly validate the concepts and layout options. Above all, Futurescape can also be used to check how different components look together with different color options.

Is that based upon bootstrap?

Short answer Yes. Long answer No. You might find a few shapes, paddings, and margins similar to bootstrap. In fact, we took many bootstrap components and redesigned them for Futurescape. Why? Because bootstrap components are available out of the box, and arguably, have millions (if not billions) of happy users around the world. Above all, a few UI components are not available in bootstrap out of the box but Futurescape.

Why 1.618 as line-height?

While designing Futurescape, we were heavily influenced by the Legendary Golden Ratio. Therefore, line-height is set to the nearest even number after multiplying font-size with 1.618. You can change it too. But do not push this here. We are still obssessed with Golden Ratio.

Why not Abstract or other Designer friendly platform?

We want it to be open and free. You can download entire zip file of Futurescape and start playing with Sketch Files directly.

Things to remember

  • If you commit a change and/or update sketch file, please update all(or new) PNG files present under PNG screens folder.
  • Do not forget to update UI specs. Please use “Sketch Measure” plugin to generate UI-Specs.
  • If there is any issue, use comments section. We will update the sketch file and screens accordingly.

This is our first design project @ Github, do not be a bully. If you have suggestions, please feel free to reach us out using contact us

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