Is JIO MEET better than ZOOM or it’s just a clone?

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Jio meet - TDi

Since the start of the pandemic, workplaces have gotten virtual. A great many people are working remotely and on instant video calling applications, such as Zoom although the Zoom app was launched on April 21, 2011, the user response increased since quarantine and is making all the difference. 

Conversely, Reliance Jio has launched a homegrown alternative video conferencing app called Jio Meet in India to assume control over Zoom and other such video calling apps.

Peruse on to realize which is better in JioMeet VS Zoom.

Here are the key highlights between Jio meet and Zoom:

1. Targeted users

Jio meet is created to provide service to the organizations or enterprises more instead of just regular users. It requests the organization area and works email address.

Yet, regular clients can also enroll by making a JioMeet ID and furthermore utilize their mail ids to continue using the app.

On the flip side, Zoom is intended for all the basic users like school/college students for their online classes or people from the workplace to attend a short meeting sitting at home.

2. Basic free plan feature

Jio meet allows up to 100 members in a single meeting just like Zoom but the key difference is that the Jio meet allows those 100 users on the same call for 24 hours with no limitation, whatsoever. 

Zoom permits free boundless balanced gatherings, however on Zoom bunch gatherings of at least three individuals, up to 100 can just last as long as 40 minutes. After 40 minutes another meeting must begin.

Jio meeting - TDi

3. Paid plan feature

When we talk about the free plan between the two, Jio meet is definitely an advantage.

However for more flexibility of time and pro features, Zoom has come up with 3 types of paid plans; small teams, SME’s, large enterprises. For large enterprises, Zoom lets up to 1000 users in one meeting. 

As far as Jio meet is concerned no announcement about the paid plans have been made yet.

4. User experience

Both Jio meet and Zoom is available on all the platforms; Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc.

 They both let the participants create and fix the date for the meeting in advance and create a waiting room as well.

Zoom vs Jio Meet - TDi

So to wind up

Jio meet is a lot similar to Zoom in reference to its app logo, landing page, and a few of its other internal features. 

At the same time there a few differences which separate Jio meet and Zoom some mentioned above. Moreover, a lot of organizations and governments advised people to avoid the use of Zoom.

With JioMeet in the image, there’s still a ton we don’t know about the app. As JioMeet is presently accessible to the people, we’ll know how it works and progressively about its usefulness. For the time being, JioMeet appears the go-to choice against Zoom, particularly in light of the fact that it comes as an Indian alternative.

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