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User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are the most fastest-growing fields in the tech industry. Many people, even tech professionals have conceptions on User Interface and User Experience. There are several myths related to UI and UX. Here are some common misconceptions about UI/UX.

1. User Interface and User Experience are the same

This is one of the misconceptions about UI and UX. User Interface design plays an important role in the work of User Experience designer but it is not the only part. User Experience is a multi-step strategic design process that aims to create a product. It is a strategic design process that aims to create a product or site, while UI provides the platform for designing an environment containing all the required features for making any design.

  • User Experience makes interfaces useful, User Interface makes it beautiful
  • User Experience Helps Users accomplish goals,  User Interface builds  emotional connections
  • User Experience design is accomplished first,  User Interface Design Is Done next
  • User Experience is focussed more on products, Interfaces, and Services,  User Interface only pertains to interfaces

2. User Interface and User Experience are not designed for users

UX design is usually done keeping in mind the goals and objectives of an organization. This includes a thorough understanding of product vision making design. User Interface design is an interface that resides with the designer. It is always important to keep the users in mind when it comes to UI, UX.

  • Always the main focus is on end-user
  • While deploying it always fulfills all the requirements of the user.
  • It’s always about the user to make them satisfy

3. User Experience design is not just about usability

Usability is of the most important in order to keep any user experience successful. User Interface design can be extremely useful but it seldom falls short when it comes to delivering the right things. While usability is needed, its effectiveness blurs the other important factors in User Experience

  • UX focusses on giving pleasure while working on it.
  • UX design’s main priority is to build the design in a way that users get obsessed with it.
  • The user once starts working with it can’t think of switching on another platform, the features should be in such a manner.

4. User Experience design is not expensive

The best User experience designers have a toolbox of options, picking, and choosing methods. It is a misconception that UX design is quite expensive. Great design opportunities can be discovered by doing some research. Putting together a simple product prototype and testing is cheap and it does not cost a lot of money.

  • UX design tries to minimize its cost to make it affordable by everyone.
  • It’s not as expensive as people think of it.
  • Designers always make it such a way that people can easily afford it.

5. User Experience design is not a single discipline

User Experience designers need to follow various different design thinking practices. He is usually a jack of all User Experience disciplines. He has to focus on customer satisfaction with the design. It includes various disciplines, approaches, and methodologies.

  • People often think that UX is complicated dealing with it is not everyone’s cup of tea but this is a misconception. Once you get familiar it becomes interesting to work on.
  • The main principle is to give the customer the best experience in every manner

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