Have you seen these “404 ERROR PAGE” Designs?

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A 404 error page, which often serves to alert web/app visitors that the page they are trying to reach does not exist, is often regarded as one of the most possible elements to lose users/visitors with boring and dull logging-in/out/loading/leading pages in a web/app. However, that does not mean such error pages will be a nightmare in all cases.

Actually, a creative, cool, interesting, or informative 404 error page can not only lead customers to other parts of your websites/apps smoothly but also reduce customer frustration and let them stay on the site/app much longer.

1. Lost in the woods

Designer: Tajana Barac

Highlights:Color contrasts, color gradients, shapes and shadows

The color contrasts of classic blue and white, color gradients and shapes with shadows in this error page, all of them give people a sense of peace and serenity. This is really an excellent strategy to effectively reduce the negative emotions caused by a suddenly popped-out 404 error warning.

2. Wanted

Designer: From limpfish.com

Highlights:Unique form to show the 404 error message

Unlike some frustrating error pages that merely display the error messages in a boring way, the designer of this 404 error page adopts a unique form, which is very similar to a wanted poster, to intuitively explain the errors and provide multiple options to link to other parts of this site. This is really creative and interesting.

3. Error Page Switex

Designer: Ash Rahal

Highlights:Overlap, emotional elements, and funny photos

The designer of this 404 error page uses overlapping of words, photos, and shadows to give a sense of space. Moreover, in order to relieve the negative emotions caused by 404 error pages, the designer also adds many emotional elements, such as its humorous explanation and the funny photo showing a depressing man, to gain users’ understanding and resonating.

4. 404 Page

Designer: Alana Brajdic

Highlights: Options and simplicity

As the designer of this error page writes: “404’s need to be meaningful. Tell the user what happened, why, and what they can do to resolve it”, the designer displays simple words and photos to explain the 404 error clearly and provide various options for them to jump to other parts of this site. This is also useful to offer site visitors a better user experience.

5. Daily UI Challenge – 404 Page

Designer: Andrea Hock

Highlights: A nice shot to combine the features of web/app

Except for adding related animations and high-quality photos to improve your error page designs, you can also easily combine the features of the targeted websites, apps, and promoting products. For example, this 404 error page is a nice shot to combine the features of its promoting products and is used as another good platform to show various pieces of jewelry. In this way, even when people are suddenly interrupted by this error message while browsing different pieces of jewelry, they can also go on previewing their preferable ones. And this is really a good way to reduce page bounce rate.

6. 404 pages of the Hermitage Friends

Designer: Anton Borzenkov

Highlights: Interesting oil painting style and thoughtful searching box

The designer of this page adopts a unique and interesting oil painting style to attract site visitors. Moreover, in order to create more pleasant and smoother user experiences, the designer also adds a searching box following the 404 error message so that every user can freely search and jump to their preferable links/pages as soon as possible once they encounter 404 error problems.

7. David 404 Page

Designer: David Kovalev

Highlights: 3D technology

The designer of this page uses advanced 3D technology to show the 404 error, which is really interesting and intuitive.

404 Error page

8. Shremal 404 Page

Designer: Shremal

Highlights: Use error page to tell a story

The designer of this error page uses shapes, colors, shadows, texts, and all other elements included to tell a story: “Your searched page cannot be founded on earth” or “The page has taken you to another planet”. This is really impressive and interesting.

404 Error page

9. Shinobi

Designer: From cssninjas.com

Highlights:Progressive disclosure

Except for giving a general explanation of the 404 pages not found error, the designer of this error page adopts a design technique called “Progressive Disclosure” to extend the page functions. People can easily click the linked words/phrases to switch to other pages easily.

404 Error page

10. UI 404 Page

Designer: Mario Sestak

Highlights:Strong visual effects and a perfect echo of its images and contents

The black background photos with strong visual effects can not only highlight the white texts of the 404 error page but also attract the attention of site/app visitors quickly once they have entered this page.

404 Error page

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