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UX describes all the interactions a customer has with its company. 

Being a UX designer takes a lot of different kinds of skills to interact and understand the user experience in a much better way. The UX skills a designer needs should be varied, stemming understanding areas such as:

  1. Graphic designs
  1. Psychology
  1. Engineering 
  1. Marketing

Although different companies have very different specific requirements and responsibilities for the people they hire under the title of “UX designer”.

So what are the core skills that a UX designer should learn?

  1. UX Research

An important way to to know and dig more about the user experience is to study and research as much as you can. A detailed report works as a benefit in the long run. So step up your research skills in order to be taken seriously as a UX designer.

  1. Visual Communication

Brushing up your creative editing skills as visual communication boosts up 65% of your audience in the market. Also first visual skills come more into observation than the content. More concepts like:




~Layout etc

  1.  Empathy 

Empathy comes under the “soft skills”, a quality which includes adaptability of self awareness. 

Empathy and emotions are something every UX designer should deal with while interacting with the users of different kinds. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes means understanding their needs and problems. 

Therefore showing concern for your users and working on the problems they are facing will help gain healthy feedback in the future.

  1.  Coding

Learning some of the coding languages is necessary in the world that’s starving of tech designers. Languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript etc, can help you understand what’s possible from a technological perspective.

  1.  Communication Skills

Having core skills like research or design is really important – but at the same time communication skills is the most important of all. Thinking of public speaking and presentations & knowing how to present and speak confidently to audiences can really help you avoid communication pitfalls and make a positive impact. 

Designers must convey their product ideas & explain thinking behind designs while working with other teams. Their work also requires elements of storytelling. It’s a skill that you can build overtime with the help of several methods or classes. 

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