Why Remote User Research is trending?

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Yes, Remote User Research is trending. Why? well because user research is always important to make the product user friendly. And for creating great experiences we have to understand our user’s behavior, needs, and goals. This can be done by conducting user research.

Generally while conducting user research face-to-face interaction is preferred because of its many advantages such as building trust in the participant, getting the attendee’s attention, and having their cooperation for a longer period of time.
However, this can’t always be done face to face because of so many factors such as having an audience across the globe, budget and time constraints, or some other unforeseen factor that makes in-person sessions impossible. In this scenario, remote user research can offer immense value in maintaining the flow of insights and idea

What is Remote User Research?

A remote user study is a type of qualitative research where the researcher and the user do not meet in person. It helps us to connect with people in remote locations and different time zones. It also validates qualitative research with quantitative data. Moreover, with the help of remote user research methods, researchers can get real user feedback faster and cheaper. Based on the relationship between the researcher and the participant remote user research is of two types.

Moderated – It allows the researcher to speak directly to the participants. It also helps to make personal observations that allow gathering in-depth qualitative feedback.

Unmoderated– In this, no conversation takes place between the researcher and the participant. Instead, online tools and services are used to collect the data automatically.

The whole world went remote overnight

User research was generally done face to face but then suddenly one day the whole world went remote overnight. Now what? Well, that doesn’t mean that user research has to be stopped. Remote user research provides great insights from users in their own everyday environment from anywhere in the world.

These days almost the whole world is spending more time at home, changing their routines, accessing more online services, and missing human connection. So, if we think about it this is the best time for innovation. As it is becoming difficult to meet participants face to face, it is high time that we embrace remote user research.

Why is it important to adapt to remote user research?

Remote user research has many big advantages. Some of the important reasons why it should be taken into consideration are:-

  • It is budget-friendly. Saves money and travel while also having a wide geographical reach.
  • It helps to increase the efficiency and also reduces the overall project time as compared to in-person research.
  • It has the ability to gather real-time and contextual feedback to help stakeholders easily empathize with users.
  • It allows a more diverse pool of people to participate.

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