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August 18, 2019 at TDi, Indore

Intro to UX & Productization

User Experience (UX) is still an untouched field for the people of Indore. UX includes Design Thinking, Interaction Design, Prototypes, wireframes and much more which is helping out companies to develop and design near-perfect products as per consumer satisfaction. 

The meetup was organized to encourage the students and professionals to explore new fields and for a better understanding of user-psychology.

All you need to create an amazing product.


The session by our first speaker Abhishek , started with a general introduction of UX.

Abhishek is a UX professional and a Product Manager at one of the top 10 Drug Discovery & Development Platforms of the world.

Abhishek highlighted the importance of empathy, real-world challenges, and practical methods to solve complex business problems. 

Consumer psychology 
in Product Design

Swati Gautam is a chief Psychologist and consultant at TDi.

Swati shared the importance of understanding the needs of a customer (user) by analysis and different methodologies. 

Swati’s session provided insights about emotions, emotional-design, and why it varies from person to person based on different circumstances.
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