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August 18, 2019 at TDi, Indore

Intro to UX & Productization

User Experience (UX) is still an untouched field for the people of Indore. UX includes Design Thinking, Interaction Design, Prototypes, wireframes and much more which is helping out companies to develop and design near-perfect products as per consumer satisfaction. 

The meetup was organized for the motive of encouraging students and professionals to explore new fields and for a better understanding of Customer psychology.

All you need to create an amazing product.


The session by our first speaker Abhishek , started with a general introduction of UX. These kinds of designs are dangerous, harmful and also gives a bad experience to the users. Mr Abhishek is a UX Expert and he is a product expert at Pune. A product design after a proper UX Research results in a perfect product, saves capital, and also results in greater customer(user) satisfaction thereafter. 

UX is based on Empathy, i.e-the ability to share or understand feelings of others.

Consumer psychology 
in Product Design

Swati Gautam is a chief Psychologist and consultant, and is currently based in Kota, Rajasthan. It is important to understand what actually a customer wants, and not what he says because that might also differ from the reality. You will need to understand through questionniare and visual understanding about his expectations. The session gave details about What actually are Emotions? and why do they vary from person to person based on different circumstances.
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