TDi Talent Management
Talent identification, training, and placement services.
Backed by Psychology & Science. 
Why TDi Talent?
If you are starting a new business or growing an existing one, the people you choose to work with can make a significant difference to your success. 

TDi’s not only selects the right talent but also trains them according to your organizational needs. 
High-quality staffing
Faster On-boarding
Super Cost-Efficient
An HR service extension that manages the end-to-end recruitment, interview, training, and staffing process.
6-Stage Recruitment
TDi Mandatory Training (TMT)
This includes Requirement Gathering, Broadcasting on various channels, and calling out CVs of the interested candidates.

Resume Vetting

When the CVs are received, Online/Offline vetting is done to ensure high quality candidates for the next rounds.

6 Stage Recruitment Process

Written Test
General aptitude, reading comprehension,  and verbal ability test of the candidate.
Psychometric Test
PF-16 test to make sure that the candidates are mentally and psychologically fit for the job.


The GD and Extempore to test the communications skills of the candidate.
General Interview Round
To test the interpersonal skills. and general awareness of the candidate.
HR Round (Optional)
An interview process led according to your organization’s requirement.
Final Interview Round
The final stage of interview with executive(s) to ensure effectiveness and reliability of the candidate.

TDi Mandatory Training

This is a mandatory 15-day Pre-job training lead by Gold-Medalist Psychologist Swati Gautam.

This includes training on:
• Stress Management
• Time Management
• Work Place Ethics
• Company Specific Trainings and 
• Seminars on coping up with changing places etc


Offer Letters are rolled out to all the candidates once they clear the TMT. The Candidates are ready to be on-board now.
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